Who are we?


We are a team of bereaved parents and healthcare professionals working together to ensure that bereaved families receive good care, quality time and opportunities to create everlasting memories with your precious baby or babies.

Our volunteer peer supporters are trained to offer empathy, understanding and comfort to others going through loss. We understand the complex emotions bereaved families may be feeling, because we too have been through the experience of grieving for our children and trying to find a way to live with our loss.

The support we offer is flexible and based on individual needs. Support is available face to face, over the phone, via email and social media as well as group support sessions.

The group sessions allow bereaved parents the opportunity to meet and share with others going through loss and grief. Other groups include PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support), the Tots group and BLS United – a footballclub for bereaved Dads and families to get together in a more informal way.

Finally, despite all the support on offer, we know there are large numbers of parents who do not access support due to many barriers that still exist. There remains so much stigma surrounding the death of a baby in so many of our communities. It is our aim is to remove these barriers where we can.

We rely solely on the kindness of volunteers to run our charity including the various support groups, precious memory boxes and vital information and training. Your support and donation is greatly appreciated – thank you!